Monday, February 13, 2012

NEWS: Whitney Houston Dies at Age 48

On Saturday, 1000 Recordings artist Whitney Houston was found dead at a Beverly Hills hotel. No details on the cause yet, which is being investigated.

I heard Houston's music on the radio, and so I went into the 1000 Recordings entry, her self-titled debut, with some preconceived notions. I was not surprised by what I found, aside from the fact that I knew so much of the album, meaning that her debut was full of singles. Her voice was incredible, and I still have a very strong emotional attachment to the cheesy song she put out in the late '90s, "My Love is Your Love" (the remix version, of course); it came out when I fell in love with my wife, which was a year of a lot of cheesy love songs appealing to me. Her talent will definitely be missed.

Hear Whitney Houston here.

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