Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Today I continued to spread the word about Tom's amazing book, and as I sent the link to the book's site to a coworker, I noticed there was a new post (Tom's first in over 8 months). He linked to a couple guys doing a 1000 Recordings podcast, which I had considered, but didn't really have the time or resources to pull off. It's a pretty awesome idea, and I love that it's just two music nerds talking about the albums.

It inspired me to kick start this blog, which I had abandoned due to a low hit count (wasn't sure it was worth writing when I was only getting 1 hit per article). When I pulled up my blog I noticed I had 3 new followers (thanks Dan, Hubert and Robyn!) and I thought, you know what, I just love to write about this stuff. I currently write for a great website called Cover Me, but that means all I get to write about is cover songs, and I think writing without a deadline or editor, mixing my own experiences with the music, is something I want to get back to. Sooooo... I guess what I'm saying is I'm back! A new music post will be coming soon.

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